The artist



My name is Victor Elars.

I am a french emerging artist,
who produces timeless fine art photography and surprising fine art paintings.

My new crazy art project, as a contemporary artist, is to travel around the world, to constituate a prestigious fine art photographies collection of sacred doors.

The central questioning of my art work is a paradigm!

My art works question the intimate connection between interior and outside.

  • Where is the borderline ?
  • Is outside the mirror of our interiority ?
  • Is this interior-outside connection the illusion who hide Unity ?

Through the story of humanity, from Angkor temples to the Mayan pyramids, most of civilisations tryed to answer to those essential questions.

As a contemporary artist, I decided to travel our planet to rediscover those lost essential elements, explorating:

  • spiritual
  • religious
  • sacred

places which constitute the treasure of the utmost importance for the human been history.

You are this person,
this container full of essential questions,
with who I wish to share invaluable answer!

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