Oxidation of Cesar - Artists Collection - by Victor Elars

Oxidation – Artists Collection” is the mad art project to constituting a very intimate collection representing the 10 prestigious artists who inspire me.


For several years,

I love to take photos of metal oxidation in abandoned industrial spaces.


I am fascinated by this kind of textures.

Maybe because it inclues the time in this process and time includes the Empty.


I am so impressed by the capacity of the life to create Beauty.


Life has time to do it.


I love to paint too, so I decided to reinvest the natural process of metal oxidation in my painting practice.


I tested several liquids to produce the metal oxidation, and I find the best, according to my quality needs.


This new art process is long.


At this time of this art project, I made one “Oxidation“.


This painting of the artist Cesar is the 1st piece of the collection.


“Cesar – Oxidation – Artists collection” is still AVAILABLE!

Be the only person to acquire it now!