The 9 rules for succeeding as a famous fine art collector?

Do you know what is essential for succeeding as a famous fine art collector? It is being informed! I have analyzed several publications concerning trends in art market in recent years. So, here you are 9 trends in art collecting. Online art sales are struggling to gain collectors’ credit. The annual report of TEFAF foundation asserts […]

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How fine art print can slow your life without killing you?

Are you familiar with the feeling, when life seems to have turned into a whirlpool of tasks and events? At first such kaleidoscope is just fine and even entertaining. But then it starts exhausting us with its speed and permanent need to be in a rush. And you feel you urgently need to make a […]

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How to erase the limits of your budget without eating pasta every days?

  Have you ever dreamt of brining Art into your life? I bet – YES. From the ancient times people tried to embellish their dwellings to make it comfortable and visually attractive. For instance, Greeks decorated walls with paintings and bright tapestries and Romans often used mosaics in their interiors.   Doubtlessly, strive for beauty […]

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